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  Injection Needle (Reusable)                                  


Biopsy Forceps (Reusable)

Standard Biopsy Forceps
Oval Fenestrated Cups
Oval Fenestrated Cups With Needle
Alligator Jaws Type Biopsy Forceps
Alligator, Single Moving Cup Biopsy Forceps


Foreign Body Removal (Reusable)

Alligator Type Grasping Forceps
Rat Tooth Type Grasping Forceps
Rat Tooth With Alligator Jaws Type Grasping Forceps
Pelican Type Grasping Forceps
3-Prong Type Grasping Forceps
Rubber Tips Type Grasping Forceps


Injection Needle (Reusable)

Injection Needle


Retrieval Baskets (Reusable)

Fold Angular Basket (Stainless steel)
Fold Angular Basket (Nitinol)
Spirality Basket (Nitinol)
Ball Basket (Nitinol)


Electrosurgical Electrodes (Reusable)

Electrosurgical Snare
Coagulation Electrode
Hot Biopsy Forceps
Needle Electrode


Spray Catheters (Reusable)

Spray Catheters



    Injection Needle                                                                                                                  





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